Under Construction Projects

Parsi Separation and Compressor/Pump Station (Absilab Station-EPC)


Khuzestan Province, Iran

The Parsi oil field is an Iranian oil field located 120 kilometres east of the Ahvaz City, in Khuzestan Province.The field is owned by state-owned National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) and operated by National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC)

Lab Sefid Gas Gathering and Injection (EPC)


Dezful City ,Khuzestan Province, Iran

Lab Sefid oil field is located 40 km northeast of Dezful city in Khuzestan province and is covered by Masjed Soleiman Oil and Gas Production Company. Masjed Soleiman Oil and Gas Production Company is one of five subsidiaries of the National Iranian South Oil Company.

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