Satrap Jonoub
Oil & Gas - Petrochemical industry Pioneer
special Services in Oil & Gas Industry
acquiring more than ten successful projects in the oil and gas


Based on a high level of equipment, machinery, technical ability, and engineering

Oil & Gas

The development of oil fields to increase the capacity to produce crude oil and to make a profit out of the chain of industry


Several years domestic and abroad, due to the over and over capacity and variety of machines, the company has been controlled

Satrap Jonoub Abilities


Our Engineering Division is a top tier oil and gas contractor. Across our divisions, we have led national and international oil and gas engineering projects Our multidisciplinary team of engineers design to the highest standards of quality and innovation.


We understand procurement procedures in oil and gas and are poised to deliver materials on-time, on-spec, and on-budget. Our ability to coordinate closely and effectively with subcontractors, suppliers, building trades, and engineers allowed us to see projects through to a successful end.


Oil and gas construction includes production facilities, liquefaction plants, refineries, pipelines, and storage tanks, and more. Satrap Jonoub has a 30-year history of dependability as a trusted construction partner for the oil and gas sector.

Operations and Maintenance

Having a special specialized unit to serve the maintenance and repair projects after the construction and commissioning period of the facilities

Project Management

Planning and controlling all resources, costs, timing and project risks in EPC projects by having a comprehensive management system

A Reliable Brand In Oil And Gas Industry

Our Cutomers

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